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Elric Of Melniboné, the albino emperor returns home to claim his revenge and save the love of his life. But things are not as they seem. Battle your way through the vast, cinematic cityscape of Imrryr, together with your soul eating sword Stormbringer, in this thought provoking dark tale of love, betrayal and truth on the verge of sanity.

Immerse  yourself  in this epic third person, narrative driven tale about Elric Of Melniboné. Bring the legendary fantasy icon to life, in an dark adventure for a mature audience that appreciates sophisticated gameplay combined with a lore rich experience.



It was over 60 years ago that the usurped albino emperor made his first appearance in The Dreaming City by author Michael Moorcock and has since then gone on to battle men, demons, and gods through thousands of pages over the years. It is a fascinating tale of a sick man, only kept alive by his dark, soul-eating sword, Stormbringer. The stories tackle questions of love, hate, sanity, and morality.


The series has gone on to inspire movies, comic books, and role-playing games, as well as other famous franchises such as Warhammer and The Witcher.

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